MH Weekly EHR Update 06/20/2016


EHR Tip of the Week:

Which button do I choose when ordering a lab on the lab Master?

clip_image002      OR       clip_image004

When prepping (or “teeing up”) labs during an office visit, use the Place Order button.


Once the provider has given the approval for said labs, click the Process/Submit button.


Use the Place Order and Process button when you are the provider who is placing the order or under the direction of a provider in real time.



·         Please remember to create new Standing Orders for all existing INR Standing Orders, even those created prior to 2/9/16. Creating these Standing Orders electronically will ensure a greater volume of INRs flow directly to patients’ charts. This will reduce the number of INRs falling into the Holding Tank, in turn, reducing patients’ and providers’ result wait times. Click here for the “How To” on Ordering Managing Standing Orders 02032016


Resolved EHR Tickets:

·         The CARD_doc DoctorData document now accurately displays height in feet and inches.



For EMR break/fix issues or enhancement requests: (734) 712-1376 or Ext: 21376

For EMR Training Needs: Melissa Clive, EMR Education Manager; (734)747-6766 x10545